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Portable DVD (PORTABLE) program


Portable DVD ----- analog TV as standard, configurable digital TV DVB-T, DVB-ISDB and so on. With a high-voltage protection, low voltage detection, charge while discharge and the like.

Suitable  for small screen 7-inch -9 inch AL1389VQ-768 is PORTABLE DVD player decode board, the main chip is MTK1389VQ, the built-in screen driver. Support low-voltage detection for 7 "and 9" TFT LCD screen supporting mold. Optional  analog TV + FM or ISDB-T digital TV TUNER received support AV inputs  and outputs, headphones and speakers, which can be accessed batteries  and adapters. Support USB2.0,3 1 card reader, eight disc game. With MP4 (DIVX disc formats supported) without simulation DTS, with Dolby AC3 decoding. Support  for 3D and EQ, Prologic II, power and memory, electronic shock, CD  transcription, file copy, multiple OSD languages and subtitles. With a lithium battery short circuit, over-discharge function, lithium  batteries do not need customers to use with circuit protection board. If there are other 1389VQ, 1389QD 8202KA, 8202KD series.

Suitable  for large-size screen SUNPLUS8202V, screen display makes SPV7050, to support low-voltage detection for single six and eight, double six,  double eight LVDS LCD display, supports a maximum resolution of  1920X1080, for 32-inch or less LVD screen. Analog  TV + FM, supports VGA and HDMI inputs, support AV inputs and outputs, headphones and speakers, which can be accessed batteries and adapters. While supporting USB2.0,2in1 readers and games. If there are other series 1389DE-R / L + 2660 and so on.

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